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The Flying Pages

Monday through Saturday, Show times throughout the day

This thrill show includes Flying Trapeze artists, as well as Hula Hoops, Russian Swing & Equestrian Artists.

1975 Jill- 6years old thru 15- Redlands, California with YMCA Youth Circus 1985 Jill- turned professional at 16 when joining the Flying Farfans in Reno, Nevada with Circus Circus.

1987 Jill- Performed with Flying Farfans at the Monte Carlo Circus Festival in Monaco. Completed the 3 1/2 somersault in competition and won the “Best Female Trapeze Artist”award. The Farfan Troupe won the coveted “Silver Clown”. Jill and Willy both caught their first triples on July 6, 1988. Willy with his brothers, the Flying Pages, and Jill with the Flying Farfans. November Jill and Willy were married and joined his family’s Flying Pages Troupe. Willy is 3rd generation of the Pages Circus Family originating in Cuba. The Flying Pages, brothers Jorge’ (catcher), Felix and Willy competed in the London Circus Championships and were awarded gold medals for their trapeze act and won the silver cup for the “Best Act” of the World Competition.

1989-90 Willy and JIll toured with his family The Flying Pages. In April, Jill gave birth to their first child, Anthony Pages.

1990-91 Willy and Jill toured with the production of “Dream Clown” in Japan for six months. They both were flying with The Flying Farfans as well as performing other individual acts.

1992 Toured in Puerto Rico with the merged teams of Dream Clown and Tihany Spectaculat. On February 19 through the intense training of the infamous Armando Farfan, Willy caught Jill’s first quadruple somersault (what a fantastic opening for a new catcher’s career). Willy’s brothers retired their flying act in 1991 and Willy and JIll decided to continue the family tradition and put their own flying act together as The Flying Pages. They debuted with Tihany Spectacular.

1993 Toured Mexico.

1994 Toured. U.S.A.

1995-1996 Willy and Jill put together a double wide flying trapeze four catcher act to tour with Ringling Bros. Barnum Bailey.

1997-1998 Circus Circus in Reno, Nevada. In March of 1998 Jill and Willy announced the birth of their second child, a daughter Mercedes Gloria Pages. Since 2003, this little lady has served as Ring Mistress and is very impressive on the hula hoop. She has also been practicing on the flying trapeze for the past year and if she wishes, will in time join the troupe. When Jill returned to flying, after the birth of their daughter she brought along an extra, her son Anthony. Anthony Pages, the youngest trapeze artist at age 8 debuted in Reno, Circus Circus with ankles across in August of 1998. Within 2 1/2 years of flying the youngster had accomplished layout, double and also flew to the top catcher. To date he has perfected these feats along with others and for the past year has been practicing the triple somersault.

1999 Shrine Circus and Alaska Circus Boreal.

2000-01 One more dream accomplished. The Flying Pages were invited to perform at the prestigious “Big Apple Circus”.

2002 Another invitational trip to Monaco, this time as the Flying Pages. For an absolutely flawless performance they earned the coveted “Bronze Clown”, as well as the “Cup of Nice”. Anthony was given special mention from Princess Antoinette and won the cup awarded by her for the “Best Amatuer”. Anthony was also chosen to carry the American Flag in the parade of nations, which opened each performance. All in all The Flying Pages made a very fine showing at this Olympics of the International Circus.

2003 Traveled with The Shrine Circus and Royal Hanneford Circus.  We also did the Varieties for the Cirque Du Soleil.

2003-2004 The Flying Pages had an opportunity to work for a prestigious Las Vegas European show in Malaysia. “Argent Productions”

2004 The 4th annual “International Du Cirque Grenoble”, France. Credits were Silver Medal & Gold from the Juvenile Jury.

2004 Anthony has had a wonderful year learning all the trades of the Triple somersault.  What a job!  At times is very easy to give up, so as a Mother I’m so happy he experienced the audience in Europe. You could never explain the feeling you just have to wear those shoes; it just runs through your veins.

2004 Ms. Mercedes has braved her way into some ponies.  Growing up she has always been glued to the horses. She has ridden in two different riding acts:  The Ostein Riders,& the Caroly Riders.  This year she took a new talent that she learned from the choreographer in Malaysia.  Her hula -hoops & closed with her two Ponies. What an opportunity to work in the shrine temple in Altoona during the circus fan week on “The Royal Hanneford circus.”  They loved her!  She has definitely picked up the pace this year.  Mercedes also debuted in the Flying act in Malaysia.  Now the whole family is up & flying!

2006 Circus “Krone” Christmas program in Germany

2006 Toshimaen Park in Japan, Taiwan , Circus Sarasota

This year was another huge accomplishment. Anthony would take over the triple somersault.  With a lot of practice we would put back together another troupe for the “Flying Pages”. We would also add a new person to our troupe, Kerri Gallespi. Another surprise, Mercedes debut her feats across in Circus Sarasota. She is a great feature to our act. We are proud parents, our children are beautiful flyers!! We will miss Justin always.  He moved on to a new career.

Justin L. Chodkowski, grew up on Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus. He had many opportunities as a young child to experience a variety of training from all the artists, including working with the animals. Justin debuted as an acrobat in 1992-93 with the Rainbow Tour and continued working 1994-95 with the “Chicago Kids”. The Pages watched Justin ever since he was very young and admired the glow in his eyes as a performer.
Wehn they worked together on the red unit of Barnum & Bailey, Justin decided he wanted to give flying a try. After asking permissions from all the higher powers and his mother, he began practicing with the Pages in 1996. With hard work and diligence of Justin and the Pages, he has become an outstanding trapeze artist. He performs the Double layout, full double, double double and triple.

Eric Craft, earned most of his talent beginning with the Amateur Circus in Peru, Indiana. The Pages scouted this young man for their new three catcher trapeze act that they opened in Quebec, Canada this past December 2003. He has since been working hard and touring as the middle catcher for the Flying Pages.  Kerri was also scouted for the same act, she continued practicing with us every summer until she had the opportunity to come with us permanently.

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